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dillon ap mechanical crane scale ( 500lb to 20000lb )

dillon ap mechanical crane scale ( 500lb to 20000lb )

The inherent efficiency of the crane scale guarantees its continuing popularity. A correctly installed crane scale lets operators accomplish two things at once: move materials and simultaneously gather accurate weigh data or inventory information.

The ideal crane scale must be more than accurate. It's going to collide with other equipment; it's going to work in all kinds of environments. It's got to be easy to read and unquestionably safe for overhead operation.

Dillon AP Mechanical Crane Scales are available in capacities from 500 to 50,000 lb and 200 to 20,000 kg. Every detail of their construction was chosen for long life. Uncomplicated operation includes tare function and maximum peak load indication.


Tough construction--
Mechanism case is a heavy aluminum alloy casting, tough enough to resist even heavy blows.

Protective finish--
Scale cases are coated with a baked-on powder paint process making them resistant to chips, scratches, rust and corrosion.

Tare function--
The zero control can tare out loads up to 20% of capacity.

Maximum indicator--
Remains in position to indicate peak load point after load is removed from scale.

Reduced wear--
Pinion and sector gears are cut from stainless steel and hardened aluminum. Use of these dissimilar materials greatly reduces friction and wear.

Safe for overhead installations--
5:1 ultimate safety factor on most models.

More product configurations and options availables upon request; please contact us for details.

Weight 30.00 lbs
Market price: US$1420.00
Our price: US$1349.00
Product Description Pan size Price Quantity
DIL AP 500lb 500 lb x 2 lb   1349.00
DIL AP 1000lb 1,000 lb x 5 lb   1349.00
DIL AP 2000lb 2,000 lb x 10 lb   1349.00
DIL AP 4000lb 4,000 lb x 20 lb   1415.00
DIL AP 5000lb 5,000 lb x 20 lb   1415.00
DIL AP 6000lb 6,000 lb x 25 lb   1482.00
DIL AP 8000lb 8,000 lb x 50 lb   1482.00
DIL AP 10000lb 10,000 lb x 50 lb   1581.00
DIL AP 15000lb 15,000 lb x 100 lb   1980.00
DIL AP 20000lb 20,000 lb x 100 lb   1980.00