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fairbanks titan® series portable vehicle scale

fairbanks titan® series portable vehicle scale


The Titan Series Portable Vehicle Scale shall be specifically designed for above ground use. The standard scale shall feature fully electronic design, with a 3/8” steel tread plate deck, and shall be designed for heavy duty applications. This scale shall be easily shipped, installed, and moved to another location. This scale shall be ideal for applications where ease of installation is a concern. In addition, this scale shall be designed to work well in temporary locations for jobs that may only last a few months. The scale weighbridge, load cells, instrumentation, foundation bolts, nuts and bumper plates shall be furnished by the same manufacturer. Equipment is to consist of parts designed to act as a unit by a manufacturer experienced in design, construction, manufacture of electronic components, and operation of equipment for the purpose required


GENERAL SPECIFICATION The scale weighbridge shall be of modular configuration utilizing steel tread plate over structural steel members. The total structure is designed to support a 100,000 lb dual tandem axle with axles on four-foot centers and offset to one side of the module. The maximum deflection for legal highway loads shall not exceed 1/1600th of span and the bending stress in any member shall not exceed 20,000 psi. The deck shall be designed for 120 psi maximum tire pressure. All welding on the weighbridge is to be performed by certified welders using either the gas-to-metal submerged or shielded arc process. All welding procedures shall be in compliance with the American Welding Society D 1.1- 94 Structural Welding Code. Weighbridge construction shall be an open ribbed orthotropic (ASTM A-36 structural steel) design providing a structure with an open bottom to eliminate enclosed "pockets" which can accumulate moisture and corrode from the inside out. Steel deck plate shall be ASTM A-36 checkered plate. Both internal and external steel surfaces shall be carefully cleaned to commercial sandblast (SP6) specifications and protected with two (2) coats of specified paint(see attached paint specifications). The deck surface is to be designed and constructed using 3/8” thick, 36,000 psi diamond-tread steel plate, over USA made structural steel I-beams - understructure components consisting of formed U’s or bent plates shall not be used. The deck plate is to be welded to the flange support from the inside of the scale structure. The total height of the scale structure will not exceed 21 inches from top of piers to top of scale deck surface. Vertical adjustment shall be provided through shimming of the load cell and base plate. A three section scale shall have a minimum gross capacity of 250,000 pounds. The scale is to be completely self-checking. No check rods shall be used. The scale shall not use the load cell or load cell stand as a checking device. The scale is to be completely self-contained in a sub-frame that is constructed out of structural steel.

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Weight 20100.00 lbs
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Product Description Pan size Price Quantity
FAI 89871 75 TON / 100K CLC 35 X 10 FT 0.00
FAI 89872 125 TON 100K CLC 60 X 10 FT 0.00
FAI 89873 125 TON 100K CLC 70 X 10 FT 0.00
FAI 89874 150 TON 100K CLC 80 X 10 FT 0.00
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