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hbm single ended beam load cell

Designed for low profile scales and process applications. Come in two common sizes LE- large envelop or SE- small envelop. Most models in the market are now NTEP approved for capacities from 1000 to 10,000 lb as they are very often used in the shipping industry for freight scales. Non- NTEP are also available and range from 250 to 20,000 lb. Most are alloy of stainless steel material.


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hbm a35 single-ended beam, alloy steel (500 to 5000lb)

Safe Overload: 150% Full scale Safe Sideload: 100% Full scale Rated Excitation: 10V DC (15V maximum) Insulation Resistance: 5000 megohms Combined Error .03% of FS Deflection at Capacity: 0.03" Seal Type: Environmentally sealed IP67 Cable Length: 20'/6.1m Cable Diameter: .190 polyurethane jacket

Our price: US$261.00
Market price: US$275.00 save 5%
hbm b35 single ended beam stainless steel ntep 1:5000 (250lb to 10klb)

Floor scales, Tanks, Hoppers


Capacity range 250lb - 10000lb.
Low profile
Extremely rugged
High adverse load capability
Environmentally protected
Stainless steel construction
Protection class IP67
FM Certified

Our price: US$280.00
Market price: US$295.00 save 5%
hbm bbs single ended round beam alloy steel (50lb to 7500lb)
Bending beam load cell (same as BBS1, BBS2, BBS2F). Interchangeable with BLH Model LBG1. The boot is filled with an insulating grease. Factory Mutual approved. 2mv/v, 0.3% nonlinearity, 810/750 ohms (50-1K0, 375/350 ohms (2.5K - 7.5K), 10 ft 4 cond cable, nickel plated steel. NTEP 87-087 S/M III 3,000 div.

Our price: US$403.00
Market price: US$425.00 save 5%
hbm blc single-ended beam stainless steel (1000 to 10,000lb)
Single-ended bending beam uniquely designed for versatile weighing. Directly interchangeable with other widely-used single-ended beams. Durable stainless steel construction with threaded counterboard load hole. Offers easy installation and load introduction. Capacities of 1000 to 10,000 lb (453.6 to 4535.9 kg).

Our price: US$308.00
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