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Hardware & Accessories for load cells and scales. These products are convenient for the weighing tasks, when you need the best performance of your equipment to fulfill the development of your organization.


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This is a based weighting solution, It can be used for either analog strtic weighing. No need the indicator, and it has a low cost. Usually, it connects the juncton box between the computer. The signal of some analog load cells wil be magnified after analog adding by the junction box, which will be dealed with by MCU after A/D conversion, then will output to PC by RS232 module.

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Market price: US$597.00 save 17%

The Sentronik bridge sensor product includes instrumentation amplifiers and other instrumentation modules for conditioning low level DC signals with special focus on strain gage signal conditioning. We have also a variety of analog I/O modules for Micro PLCs. Input options include TC, RTD, Strain gage, 0-10V and 4-20 mA.

Our price: US$368.00
Market price: US$425.00 save 13%
compact-alignment-assembly-sentronik (300 to 15K lb)

Compact alignment assembly with teflon insulator for electrical isolation. Each alignment assembly includes an internally coarse threaded housing with wrench flats which contains a teflon insulator that mates with a spherical headed stud with fine thread. The 3/4" and 1" units have a delrin insulator. Includes (1) fine jam nut and (1) coarse jam nut. Side of housing has 1/4-20 tapped hole for attaching ground strapStainless Steel Construction.

Our price: US$100.00
Market price: US$187.00 save 47%

Connecting links are designed to attach one piece of equipment to another. The two halves on the connecting link snap together for permanent closure. Snap on the ends of two lengths of chain (or a loop) for secure connection. These connecting links are made in forged steel, zinc plated with interlocking lugs.

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Market price: US$49.00 save 88%
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