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Revere Transducers wide range of products goes from analog weigh indicators, bonding strain gauges, digital weighing solutions and load cells. The Load Cells department of Vishay Group includes many manufacturers, including Revere Transducers. Offering advisement and strength measure products for over 50 years. Vishay Group offers solutions for the industrial and retail scale industry, process and high speed weighing, construction and agriculture vehicles, and numerous medical products such as infusion pumps and hospital beds.


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revere transducers 363 s-beam, alloy steel (50 to 10,000lb)
S-beam type load cell with a compact and economical design. Ideally suited for scale conversions and general-purpose weighing.

Our price: US$280.00
Market price: US$295.00 save 5%
revere transducers 462 single point; alloy steel, ip67 (2 to 250lb)
Very high-performance single-point cell designed for high-precision counter scales. Negligible error from off-center loading.

Our price: US$565.00
Market price: US$595.00 save 5%
revere transducers 5102 single-ended beam, alloy steel, ip67 (50 to 10,000lb)
The model 5102 is a single-ended beam type load cell. 500 lb (226.8 kg) and above are constructed as shear beams.

Our price: US$460.00
Market price: US$485.00 save 5%
revere transducers 5103 double-ended beam, alloy steel (5000 to 250,000lb)
Designed for tank, hopper and process weighing. High accuracy, low profile, tolerance to non-axial loading and redundant seal.

Our price: US$622.00
Market price: US$655.00 save 5%