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scales repair service miami, FL

We repair and service all scales and balances brands and models

We have over 20 years of experience serving many businesses and industries. The wide range
weighing products we supply and support combined with superior technical expertise and knowledge of our people has enabled us to become a valuable partner for companies in a wide
range of industries. We are located in Doral Miami, Fl 33122


Zero down time - Zero Losses

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Repairing or Replacing Scales: an Important Decision

The importance of scales is huge especially for companies implicated in production processes, but also for laboratories, and stores. Sometimes, we are talking about expensive scales of high precision, and when you need to replace one of those, it might be burdening for your budget. This is why you need to consider the possibility of a floor scale repair service before trying to change those.
Worldwide Installations Scales
SCALEMARKET for all our customers that order special applications and would like have this special weighing unit, to be deliver in a complete functionally state, or want the best personal attention and support on site of the installation of your new scales and receive the most helpful recommendations in the weighing process of your company and personal training in how to operate your new scales.
Our worldwide, onsite installation assistance, as an additional service, for all our new equipment. Will be the best answer to your “turn key” scale project.
How to get solid scales support

Don’t choose a new floor scale calibration company whenever you have a problem of this kind. Finding one company to take care of all your scaling needs, including repairing and replacing services;Scales Repair Service Miami, FL. This way, you can repair any scale with ease, and when it comes to replacing, the scaling company could buy the old scale from you, offering you a discount for the new one.
Besides this, some of those devices, such as the crane scale need special handling and training. A good company will offer you support, training your employers for using and maintaining the scales.

Worldwide Maintenance Programs
In this special Program you can include as many of your weighing equipment, defined in a global negotiation list, with the economic benefits and availability advantages that this program can offer.
Let us ensure the integrity and compliance of your company’s WEIGHING EQUIPMENT MAINTENACE PROGRAM at the periodicity required.
Worldwide Technical Services
With an outstanding group of the most
expert scale technicians ready to travel
WORLDWIDE to solve immediately
any kind of scale emergency
or technical on site support
to reduce down time, on your
all precious weighing equipment, or any kind of
scale, involved in the correct functionality of your company.
Industrial Scale Calibration
This scales are differentiated that are created by two pieces being (indicator and
load-sensing platform), and can be designed to work under extreme conditions of labor, this equipment are characterized by having scale divisions of ≤1 g and maximum load capacity greater than 50 kg.
Classified as OIML R 76 as Class III or Class IIII depending on the number of N intervals.
Types of Scales

If your company has just begun its activity on the market, you probably don’t know what scales you need. When it comes to variety, you can’t believe how many types of scales you can find. For example, the bench scale is perfect for large boxes, while the portable scale can be used for weighting smaller objects. The shipping scale can be installed at the entrance of your deposit hall, so the transports will be weighted before being put in a truck.
The mechanical scale might be a little overrated, but there are still people preferring those. However, the majority of buyers prefer the new digital scale and the electronic scale.
The medical scales are accurate, of high precision, being able to weight units of 0.01 grams. This is important for those laboratories, where the dosage of substances in pills must be carefully established.

How to choose the scales company

The biggest companies in this industry offer you the possibility to list your axle truck scales and precision balances in a worldwide list, from where you can negotiate with partners from all over the world for buying or selling scales. You will always be up to date with the latest discoveries in this industry, and whenever you need to sell your scales and to buy new ones, you can be sure that you will find somebody in that market that is willing to buy the old scales from you.


Don’t Neglect Scales!

Besides the fact that the production process might be affected of bad scaling, you must also consider legal matters. Let’s suppose that you produce milk, bottled in one-kilogram packs. The admissible error is of 15 grams+/-. If you pack less milk in recipients, you will be fined by the authorities if this is discovered. If you pack more milk in recipients, you will probably lose money for selling 1100 grams of milk at the price of 1000 grams.

This is only an example, but in the case of precise measurements, for laboratories, jewelry manufacturers and high valued metals, the problems could be even more severe. This is why you need the analytical balances and laboratory balances that you can find with the specialized distributors.

scales repair service Miami, FL.
We repair and service all scales and balances brands and models

Scales Repair Service Miami, FL.
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