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Designed for low profile scales and process applications. Come in two common sizes LE- large envelop or SE- small envelop. Most models in the market are now NTEP approved for capacities from 1000 to 10,000 lb as they are very often used in the shipping industry for freight scales. Non- NTEP are also available and range from 250 to 20,000 lb. Most are alloy of stainless steel material.


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alloy steel IP65 shear beam load cell sentronik 7144 200lb

Sentronik 7144 Alloy Steel Load Cell designed for precision force and weight measurement.

Interchangeable with

  • Rice Lake RL40BBS

Our price: US$388.00
alloy steel shear beam load cell sentronik 7143 100lb, 250lb

Sentronik 7143 Alloy Steel Shear Beam Load Cell. Compact, low capacity, high-precision. This load cell is small size and accuracy, makes it ideal for applications that demand high performance from a small package. This load cell is commonly used in platform scales, conveyer scales, and varied process weighing applications.

Interchangeable Products

  • RL 50210
  • Sensortronics 60040

Our price: US$318.00
alloy steel shear beam load cell sentronik 7147 7147 2,5K lb

Sentronik 7147 Alloy Steel Shear Beam load cells have a low profile design, and are made specifically for light to medium weighing applications such as floor scales. Their design makes them highly resistant to eccentric loads. Stainless steel construction offers strength and the ultimate in protection when caustic or corrosive environments are encountered. HMT models have M12 x 1/75 tapped through hole in load cavity.

Interchageable with

Cardinal LFB2500HMT-AS

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alloy steel shear beam load cell sentronik 7148 5K lb

Sentronik 7148 Alloy Steel Shear Beam Load Cell for low profile floor and bench scales. Capacity 5K lb

Our price: US$424.00