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Tedea Huntleigh wide range of products goes from analog weigh indicators, bonding strain gauges, digital weighing solutions and load cells. The Load Cells department of Vishay Group includes many manufacturers, including Tedea Huntleigh. Offering advisement and strength measure products for over 50 years. Vishay Group offers solutions for the industrial and retail scale industry, process and high speed weighing, construction and agriculture vehicles, and numerous medical products such as infusion pumps and hospital beds.


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tedea 120/122 compression stainless steel (20t to 150t)

Truck Scale and Silo Load Cell Tedea-Huntleigh Models 120 and 122 is a modern high capacity compression load cells of low profile. Complete with its own unique rocker mounting. Suitable for all heavy duty weighing applications, the Truck Scale and Silo Load Cells Tedea-Huntleigh Models 120 and 122 give the user high accuracy and low installation cost.

Our price: US$504.00
tedea 1260 single point aluminum (50kg, 75kg, 100kg, 150kg, 250kg, 300kg, 500kg, 635kg)
High-capacity, off-center loading aluminum single-point.
This model is of the two-beam design, and is specially coated to assure durability in harsh environments. Capacities from 50 to 635 kg (110.2 to 1399.9 lb). Complete with 3.1m (10') of load cell cable.

Our price: US$300.00
Market price: US$310.00 save 3%
tedea 220 commpression, stainless steel (5000 to 30,000kg)

Full Scale Output: 2 mV/V Bridge Resistance: 1000 ohms, nominal Material/Finish: Stainless steel Temperature: Operating temperature range 14° to 104°F/-10°C to 40°C Safe Overload: 150% at center loading point, full scale Rated Excitation: 10V DC (15V maximum) Total Error: 0.020% full scale Insulation Resistance: 2000 megohms Deflection at Capacity: <.5 mm at full scale Seal Type: Hermetically sealed, IP68 Cable Length: 5 m (5000 kg) 10 m (10-20,000 kg) 20 m (30,000 kg) Cable Diameter: .220 Polyurethane jacket.

Our price: US$1040.00
Market price: US$1095.00 save 5%
tedea 3510-kg single-ended beam, ss welded-seal, ip68, oiml c3 (500 to 5000kg)

Tedea Huntleigh 3510 single-ended beam is a low profile and all-welded sealing combined with high accuracy makes the 3510 ideally suited for low-profile platforms, weigh modules, tanks and silos. Hermetic sealing and polyurethane shielded cable enable it to function in harsh environments while maintaining its operating specifications. Capacities from 500 to 5000kg.

Our price: US$527.00
Market price: US$555.00 save 5%
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