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exclusive online consideration superstore that has locations all around the experience, bringing all our products right to your doorstep; we are your local super store! We are more than just a weighing store; we provide all the mayor names to buy in load cells and much more. Our warehouse has a large inventory that is ready to ship from our convenient location in Miami FL, and we have over 35,000 products to pick from, ranging from small house scales to mayor industrial. We are privileged to be the distributors for many well known brands of indicators that are used in plants and factories all over the world and are famous for their advance technology and software; such brands include Fairbank load cells, Rice Lake, Celtron, Mettler Toledo load cell, Salter Bracknell, HBM load cell, Sensortronics load cells, Revere transducers, Artech load cell, and Dillon force measurement.
We have all types of load cell, or Single ended shear beam load cell, single point, double ended beam, S Type Tension load cells, and columns type.
The importance of the load cell is huge, especially for companies involved in the production process, also for laboratories and warehouses. Sometimes, we're talking expensive load cells high precision, and when you need to replace one of these, can be a burden on your budget. It is therefore necessary to consider the possibility of a repair service load cell before attempting this change.
Our expertise in the market with more than 4 generation in the industry makes us extremely knowledgeable, allowing us to provide the best service and products possible. Regardless what type of industry you are involved in we will have the right load cell for you to buy.